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With “Destination Death” [Sep 23, 2016 V. R. Label Finland / Svart Records]   Mystons head to the metallic, low-tuned, oceanic depths of death. This studio album is recorded mostly live, including lead vocals, to analog tape recorder. The core spirit of  Metal Duo Mystons as a brutal, intense and mystic live-beast is finally captured. This album’s DESTINATION IS DEATH AND MYSTONS GIVE YOU NO MERCY!

Mixed and Produced by Hiili Hiilesmaa
(HIM, Apocalyptica, Moonspell, Swallow The Sun).
Mastered by Jaime Gomez Arellano, Orgone Studios, London, UK
(Ghost, Opeth, Paradise Lost, Cathedral, Electric Wizard).
Recorded by Jussi Vuola & Miika Köykkä at V.R. Studio, Turku, Finland.
Music: Mystons | Lyrics: Mauri Myston | ©  Mystons
Label: V.R. Label Finland Distribution: Svart Records


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CD Europack 6-page Cover Art Plan

Destination Death SLEEVE 3000 x 3000 px sRGB

The End of Days SINGLE SLEEVE 3000 x 3000 px sRGB

The End of Days SINGLE SLEEVE 3000 x 3000 px sRGB


See “The End Of Days” Music Video  released Sep 6, 2016

“The End Of Days” Music Video  was shot in Mediterranean Coast, Black Sea, Cüceler Stalactite Cave  and IstanbulTurkey as well as Finland. The Moby Dick oriented sea monster hunting story dates back to year 1789. Check out our brave duo aboard the pirate ship “Kara Korsan” and the miniature model confrontations of barque ship and  the kraken-like sea-beast “Octoth”! In case you havent visited the landmarks of Istanbul: Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia and Sultans Harem in Topkapi, this is the video to watch!


MYSTONS are a Metal Duo from Turku, Finland. Since founded in 2007 the band has released 5 internationally acclaimed albums. The fifth album, “Destination Death”, produced by Hiili Hiilesmaa (HIM, Amorphis, Moonspell, Swallow The Sun etc.) was released Sep 23,2016. This explosive two-piece redefines the word duo. Led by captivating vocalist-guitarist Mauri Myston and backed by stone-hard drummer-vocalist-key-spiceist John Myston. The band has done 150 shows in Finland, Baltics and Europe, warming up for bands like Amorphis [FIN].  A Mystons live show is something you have to experience: RAW ENERGY, INTENSITY, VOCAL HARMONIES and HUGE SOUND that is very hard to believe coming only from two guys!

John Myston  – drums, vocals, keys Mauri Myston – guitar, lead vocals
Daguerreotype: © Jalo Porkkala



Infernal Masquerade webzine [USA] 90/100 “Enigmatic Finish Dark Rockers Mystons return with another onslaught of catchy tunes.”
Pestwebzine [RO]: 9/10 “Check out this album, it’s their best, no doubt.”
Über Röck UK: “ ‘Black Matter’ has a certain charm to it that simply can’t be ignored.”
Heavy Planet “Some of the freshest sounds heard by these ears in a long time.”
Doommantia [USA] 8,5/ 10, but close to a 9 really “…good songs, strong lyrics and a very good production sound. What more could you need on your second album?”
Somojo Magazine [UK] “This is hard rock at its finest.” [IT] 88/100 “A perfect Alternative rock/Stoner/Doom metal album.“


Soundi 4/5 [FIN]
Rumba 4/5 [FIN] 4/5 [FIN]
Indierockpunkmetalzine SUE 8/10 [FIN] 4/5 [FIN] 4/5 [FIN]

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150 SHOWS in Finland, Baltics & Europe has molded Mystons into a FIERCE WILD-LIVE-ANIMAL. In it’s intensity and raw-power-primitiveness a Mystons show is something that you just HAVE TO EXPERIENCE LIVE. Mauri Myston‘s undeniable charisma and unique vocals that go from very low and intimate to razory high  screaming altitudes. The aggressive low-tuned guitar playing backed by John Myston‘s machine gun drumming and seamless vocal harmonies & key spices build up the HUGE SOUND that is very hard to believe coming from only two persons. This  METAL DUO MYSTONS!
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