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Mystons Can’t Tame the Demon in Me Music Video Out NOW

New Music Video and Single Can’t tame the Demon in Me out now. Metal Duo Mystons transforms into boxing demons in this David Lynchian b-horror/ splatter video Directed by Arttu Porkka.

European TOUR

Mystons ‘Destination Death’ Tour will terrorize the following cities! SEE YOU ON TOUR!
30.11. 2kola, Warszaw, POLAND
02.12. Rakwa, Roznava, SLOVAKIA
03.12. Bajkazyl, Brno, CZECH REPUBLIC
04.12. Modra Vopice, Praque, CZECH REPUBLIC
06.12. Cult Club, Banska Bystrica, SLOVAKIA
07.12. Kolecko, Zilina, SLOVAKIA
08.12. Heaven Hell, Moldava nad Bodvou, SLOVAKIA
09.12. Fester, Presov, SLOVAKIA



(Europe’s Biggest Hard Stuff Magazine)

With “Destination Death” Mystons head to the metallic, low-tuned, oceanic depths of death. This studio album was recorded mostly live, including lead vocals, to analog tape recorder. The core spirit of Metal Duo Mystons as a brutal, intense and mystic live-beast is finally captured. This album’s DESTINATION IS DEATH AND MYSTONS GIVE YOU NO MERCY!

Mixed and Produced by Hiili Hiilesmaa
(HIM, Apocalyptica, Moonspell, Swallow The Sun).
Mastered by Jaime Gomez Arellano, Orgone Studios, London, UK
(Ghost, Opeth, Paradise Lost, Cathedral, Electric Wizard).
Recorded by Jussi Vuola & Miika Köykkä at V.R. Studio, Turku, Finland.
Music: Mystons | Lyrics: Mauri Myston | © Mystons
Label: V.R. Label Finland Distribution: Svart Records

(Sep 23, 2016, V.R. Label Finland /Playground Music Scandinavia/ Svart Records)

Total Lenght: 44 min

1. The End of Days 5:44
2. While My Heart Hammers Doom, Doom, Doom 2:45
3. Can’t Tame the Demon in Me 3:45
4. Death Becomes Your Bride 6:34
5. Hand of Doom 3:54
6. Hollow Man 3:49
7. Ocean of Pain 3:04
8. What Will You Do When It’s Time to Die 5:18
9. Time 3:52
10. King of Pain 2:29
11. Don’t Be Afraid 3:11


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Check us out as 1789 sea-beast hunters in the new music video.

New music video as 1789 sailors

See us as 1789 sailors on epic journey from Finland to Mediterranean sea, the Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia, The Flying Sultan’s Harem in Istanbul and finally aboard the real pirate ship ‘Kara Korsan’ ready to be annihlated in the miniature modeled seastruggle with the monster Octoth!

“The End Of Days” Music Video was shot in Mediterranean Coast, Black Sea, Cüceler Stalactite Cave and Istanbul, Turkey as well as Finland. The Moby Dick oriented sea monster hunting story dates back to year 1789. Check out our brave duo aboard the pirate ship “Kara Korsan” and the miniature model confrontations of barque ship and the kraken-like sea-beast “Octoth”! In case you havent visited the landmarks of Istanbul: Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia and Sultans Harem in Topkapi, this is the video to watch!

Finnish metal duo Mystons releases new single and music video ‘The End of Days’ from their upcoming 5th album ‘Destination Death’ [Sep 23, 2016 V.R. Label Finland/ Svart Records] produced by Hiili Hiilesmaa [HIM, Apocalyptica, Moonspell] and Mastered by Jaime Gomez Arellano [Ghost, Opeth, Paradise Lost, Electric Wizard].

New Promo Daguerreotype

Is this the world’s first band promo daquerreotype? We are on our way 1789 style to hunt the Krakenlike sea-beast Octoth. New single ‘The End of Days’ from the upcoming album Mystons ‘Destination Death’ out Sep 6. MORE INFO COMING SOON!


This wonderful pic was taken by Jalo Porkkala and it was lighted directly to asilver plate. We stood 1 min 30 seconds still in the windy deck of Kaljaasi Ihana. #daguerreotype #kaljaasiihana

Warming up for AMORPHIS!

Supporting Finnish Metal Legends Amorphis in their Under The Red Cloud Album Tour in 16.10.15 Logomo, Turku, FINLAND!

Doors 18:00
Mystons show 20:00
Amorphis show 21:30



Warming up for Mokoma

We’re warming up in klubi Turku March 7 saturday one of the biggest names of Finnish language metal Mokoma supporting their 10th album “Elävien kirjoihin” which debuted as No 1 in Finnish Official Album Charts! Join us There!

New Music Video and Single!

Mystons People Of The Dark kansi2400px


Finnish Heavy Rock Duo Mystons releases third single and music video “People Of The Dark” [Oct 31, 2014, V.R. Label Finland/ PGM] from their fourth album “Black Matter”.

“People Of The Dark” music video was shot during Mystons’ Black Matter Baltic Tour in October 2014 in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. The video shows a road hardened duo doing one of the best shows of their total 120 performances in Fontaine Palace, Liepaja, Latvia. As a side story the video shows various moments, moods and landscapes from the gig van during the 2 200 km (1367 miles) Baltic Tour journey.

The fourth album “Black Matter” [Feb 14, 2014, V.R. Label Finland / PGM] produced by Hiili Hiilesmaa (HIM, Amorphis, Apocalyptica, Moonspell) has been very well received by the music media. Mystons just finished their 30 shows Black Matter Tour for this year and are already preparing songs for the next album.

Mystons “People Of The Dark” Official Music Video can be viewed here:


Autumn Tour 2014


Hi all, we got some gigs coming up in Finland & Baltics, can’t wait

01.11.14 Pub Norris | KARJAA | FINLAND
11.10.14 Metroclub | VILNIUS | LITHUANIA
10.10.14 Fontaine Palace | LIEPAJA | LATVIA
09.10.14 Nabaklab | RIGA | LATVIA
08.10.14 Underground Rockibaar | TARTO | ESTONIA
04.10.14 St. Ranta | SÄKYLÄ | FINLAND
03.10.14 Bar Prockis | SALO | FINLAND
06.09.14 Hotelli Pihkuri | VIITASAARI | FINLAND
05.09.14 Public House | KAUTTUA | FINLAND

Another great review in RUMBA [FIN]

One of Finlands biggest alternative music magazines gives Black Matter a 4/5. Nice!

RUMBA 4_14

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