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Previewing Mystons 3 – Painting Cover Art While Listening To Album 3

Check out the Mystons 3 album sampler with M Myston making the cover painting. Includes previews of all 9 tracks on album.  Album available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, & CD RecordstoreX. See more buy links on Discography.


European tour approaches

Finland tour is coming to an end this weekend and the last but definetly not least!!! shows are in Nuclear Nightclub OULU Fri Sep 23, and Baarikaappi PORI Sat Sep 24with our friend Mr. Toni Kandelin sharing the stage with us.

Oct 4 we head for baltics and Europe and the European tourdates so far are:

04.10. Ülase12 | Tallinn | ESTONIA w/ The Daisycutters (Est)
05.10. Zavood | Tarto | ESTONIA
06.10. Nabaklab | Riga | LATVIA w/ LAFIDKI (Kambodža/Fra)
07.10. Fontaine Palace | Liepaja | LATVIA w/ Dream For Eternity (Lv)
08.10. Pogo Baras | Šiauliai | LITHUANIA w/ All Day Long (Lv), Road Kill (Lt)
10.10. Estrada stagebar | Bydgoszcz | POLAND
12.10. Köpi/ Koma F | Berlin | GERMANY w/ “Lagrunge” (Ger)
more coming up…

We are looking forward to seeing all our friends in Europe again!

MEANWHILE we are happy to announce that our first album BLACK BOOK has SOLD OUT!!! So everyone holding the cardboard cased Mystons Black & White logo CD, consider yourself lucky, it will be a collectors item!

Mystons Interview in Rumba Music Magazine

Check Mystons interview on Finnish Music Magazine Rumba (in Finnish):

The tour continues tomorrow in Helsinki:

14.09 Lepakkomies w/ Rankkuri, Masteroid | Helsinki
16.09 Bar Corona | Pieksämäki
17.09 O’Haras | Tampere
23.09 Nuclear NightClub w/ Toni Kandelin | Oulu
24.09 Baarikaappi w/ Toni Kandelin| Pori

New Music Video From Mystons 3 – Mourning Sky

New album 3 is out tomorrow and we celebrate it by doing an acoustic gig in Recordshop X, Turku, Finland and right after that the next day in Höyryturbiini festival!

First Review on the album is also out and it’s 89/100 Infernal Masquerade Webzine!!!

“In less that one year, Mystons has managed to nicely consolidate their sound and deliver a very powerful release. “3” feature nine songs of brilliantly fused elements of Metal, Rock, and alternative music. With such a powerful sound, we are just waiting for this band to catch the attention of a bigger label and get the recognition they deserve.”

Read the whole review:


Prelisten entire Mystons 3 on Kaaoszine

Now you can prelisten the whole Mystons 3 album (out Sep 2) on Finnish underground webzine Kaaoszine with  parental advisory – explicit content (=only in Finnish) track notes by Jay & M Myston.

Hope you enjoy it!



Mystons 3 Finland Tour

Mystons will be touring Finland in September in the following cities:

26.08 S-Osis | Turku
02.09 Levykauppa Äx | Turku
03.09 Höyryturbiini | Turku
08.09 Lutakko w/ Khuda (UK) | Jyväskylä
09.09 Bar Edgar | Loimaa
10.09 Soho w/ Khuda | Porvoo
14.09 Lepakkomies w/ Rankkuri, Masteroid | Helsinki
16.09 Bar Corona | Pieksämäki
17.09 O’Haras | Tampere
23.09 Nuclear NightClub w/ Toni Kandelin | Oulu
24.09 Baarikaappi w/ Toni Kandelin| Pori

Hope to see you on tour!

Mystons – 3 out in September 2!

A brand new album from Finland’s heaviest duo Mystons is coming out on September 2, 2011! Mystons 3 is the follow up album for the very well received second album Alkaem. The album recordings took place straight after Mystons’ first European Tour on May 2011 and the basis for it was recorded live to capture the full energy of the massive sounding duo.

“The new album is heavier, darker and more energetic then the previous one’s. We wanted to capture the chemistry of our live playing and succeeded very well at it!” comments drummer Jay Myston and vocalist-guitarist M Myston.

Check out the sample songs on Mystons Player!



Mystons 3 tracklist:
1. Mammoth
2. Mourning Sky
3. Man In The Wheel
4. CrusHer
5. Life In A Tomb
6. Dancing With Demons
7. Death Pills
8. Princess Of Dark
9. Gathering

Welcome to new Mystons Official Website!

Hi there all of our fans and friends and everybody else too! As you know Mystons main website has been myspace so far, but due to technical difficulties and stuff we simply got fed up with it and no longer update it. Hope you can find everything you need from our new website! M & Jay Myston

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